Monday, December 04, 2006

10 Things You Might Hate About Me

Things you may not know about Omar Bilal Akhtar.

1) I have a day job as general manager of a garment factory that exports outerwear. This is commonly referred to by my friends as “smuggler saala”.

2) I am an RJ on City FM89 and I host the shows Manic Monday (Monday 7-9pm) and Musicology (Fridays 3-5p.m.). This is commonly referred to by my friends as “self-promotion saala”

3) I write music reviews and post them on the City FM89 website under The 89th sense and the pseudonym “ZOSO”. These reviews also get published in Mr. Magazine, Pink Magazine and World Music Magazine.

4) Every time someone mentions “The Lion King”, I always refer to it as “The Loin King” and laugh uproariously.

5) I love singing parodies of my bandmates’ and my songs. E.g. “Gaata Mein Chaloon” became “Khaata Mein Chaloon” and “Sheher Key Aansoo” became “Sheher key G**ndoo”

6) I once wrote a song called “Yasir! Why Don’t You Suck my B***s”. Despite its catchy chorus, Yasir was not amused.

7) I once played at a concert that no one attended.

8) I hope one day to record a bhangra album.

9) My first band was called “Caesars Dog”.

10) Caesar’s Dog consisted of Omar Haq, Bilal Habib and Omar Bilal Akhtar. That’s right, the band was Omar, Bilal and Omar Bilal.



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