Saturday, December 16, 2006

A gig at last....

There’s nothing like a live performance to lift us out of our mire and put us back to doing what we do best which is play together live. Not that it was a big event…but a satisfying one. My good friend Saad Haroon (of comedian fame) was hosting a small musical/comedy evening this past Friday for his sister Sana who’s getting married this month so he asked us and the boys from Kaavish to perform an acoustic set. It was just like the Open-Mic nights we used to do at Caffeine, with a small intimate crowd.

It was great for us to get together and jam again, although my throat still hadn’t recovered and in fact at our last jam, I was sneezing so much I had stuff my nose with tissues just to make it through the song. Since the set was acoustic, OK had originally decided to accompany us on 12-string guitar rather than drums, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it to the show. It was left to Lodhi, Yasir and I to put on a show.

The comic stylings of Danish Ali and Saad started off the show and the corwd was great, really chirpy and enthusiastic. Then Kaavish took the stage and performed 3 songs. Let me just say I was honored to share the stage with Jaffer Zaidi and Maaz because they pulled off an emotional and beautiful performance. With just Jaffer on keys and Maaz on guitar, they sang a cover of "Mad World" by Gary Jones, "Tu Hi Re" from the Bombay soundtrack and ended with their hit "Bachpan". I was mesmerized by Jaffers voice, especially on "Tu Hi Re" (one of my favorite songs). Their performance of "Bachpan" was better than I had ever heard it before. I often feel that the depressing funeral video really took away from a song that is actually quite sweet and nostalgic, and masterfully composed. Hearing it live brought out its true emotion.

Having set the scene with a mellow and emotional performance, we took the stage with explicit instructions to "shake things up a bit". And that we did. Here’s our set list

1. Do you love me? (originally by the Contours)
2. Sultanat (original)
3. Inteha ho gayee, intezar ki (Kishore)
4. Neend Aati Nahin (Junoon)
5. Message in a bottle (The Police)
6. Kiss (Prince)
7. Such (original)
8. 500 Miles (Proclaimers)

I had a blast performing with the guys again…we had the crowd singing along with our harmonies on "Do you love me" and with our blues reworking of an old Kishore song. There was a sublime moment when everybody sang along to "Neend Aati Nahin" and at the end of Kiss, where I decided to put Yasir on the spot and introduced him to the crowd, his cue to pull out a scorching darbuka solo that took Lodhi and me both by surprise. It was also good to see Lodhi back to performing and he was really enjoying himself, even warming up the audience with an impromptu performance of "Jiss kee Biwi Motee"

We missed Omar, but it was such a relief to get back to performing live after a layoff of nearly 2 and a half months. I’m sorry our fans didn’t get to see us but I promise you guys we’ll be back to performing gigs really soon and when we do, we will calmly take over the Pakistan music scene. :-)



Blogger KM said...

your previous post was hilarious!
especially since it was almost exactly like a rant session i had with some friends who work at the agency responsible for this.
i spent an hour bitching the campaign out as they sat with their heads
and i also sent them links to this post.
you've practically quoted me!

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the youtube thing i was telling you about. Hilarious!

1:13 AM  

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