Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gig at IBA (I am so out of imaginative titles...)

I know I’ve been dragging my ass when it comes to regularly updating the blog but I’ve been under a mountain of work, some day job related and some ADP related. But it was all worth it when last Sunday we performed a surprise gig at the IBA City Campus.
Now if you’ve been following the ADP diaries, you’ll know about our love affair with IBA. We have now performed there three times (at both campuses) and we always love the crowd. This gig was probably our best yet. And the funny thing was we did it with a days notice…
So apparently the IBA City Campus was having some sort of event which got cancelled, and they decided to have a concert instead. Our pals from the band "Above" contacted us and asked us if we’d like to share the bill with them. Now given that the last proper gig we did was back in October ’06 I was both excited and scared shitless. But the boys seemed to be quite enthused with the whole thing, so miraculously we practiced just one day and were ready to perform on Sunday.
It didn’t start well, Omar came in with a fever, and while packing our equipment I forgot my guitar amp! So we gave Omar drugs and then Lodhi and I went barrelling back to get the amp. After Above opened with some great covers, we got on.
Sometimes everything just clicks, we took less than 15 mins to do a sound check, our sound guy was brilliant. When you have good sound and great monitors you just raise your level of playing. And that’s exactly what we did. Here’s our setlist.

Sunshine of your love (Cream cover)
Sheher Ke Aansoo
Pride (In the Name of Love) – ( u2 cover)

Sympathy For the Devil/ Let’s Have a party
This was the first time we played an encore. And one that went on for 15 mins of mayhem. I just didn’t want to stop playing. The fun bit was we were even joined onstage by Shoaib from Above and Khurram from Inertia to do a rock rendition of "Wicked Game".

The biggest thing for me was halfway through the set when people in the audience started shouting for "Sultanat", I was like…"you actually know our songs?".
Now I know we enjoyed the hell out of playing there. But the crowd seemed a little subdued. Granted I couldn’t really see them with the stage lights facing me. I guess because they had been seated on the ground with pillows and shit made them overly relaxed. Anyway they seemed to enjoy it.

Yasir was a big hit with his darbuka madness. He was seen surrounded by several adoring females after the concert. But they left pretty quickly after I shouted "Alright Yasir! Show those Bitches those Ten Inches!". I felt bad. Only slightly.

In the distance I heard what sounded like gunshots. I thought it was a driveby and maybe somebody had confused us with Jay-Z. But it was "Thhha Soda’. Apparently this beverage explodes when you open its cap. And it tastes like 7-up with chaat masala. OK described it as being "most vile".

OK cracks me up, here we have a guy who has a carefully cultivated image of being a hardcore mast-malang-mela complete with unshaven look, everpresent cigarette and few words. Which is why when he says something dainty like "most vile", it cracks me up.

That night we also discovered his fondness for…BEYONCE’S "IRREPLACEABLE". I hate outing OK like this but you guys have to know that this guy is The Prince of Fucking Darkness, he listens to Tool and Black Sabbath and likes to play music that sounds like Satan taking a dump on Bjork’s head. And then he sings "to the left to the left…"

Anyway, I digress. Great gig, great crowd, and great organization, we couldn’t have asked for more. So ADP’s back to perform gigs people, stay tuned for March 9th…something special happening…



Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm trying to imagine OK singing a Beyonce song...

Bwahahahaha, no use, the laughter's killing me :P!

9:46 PM  
Blogger billu said...

yo, send me some of you guys' stuff at some point, whenever it's finished.

also, you will be happy to hear that i recently (randomly) bought a guitar... and am rocking out to yankee doodle.

10:47 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

he is - he bloody played yankee doodle on my guitar this entire weekend. we was jamming!

4:30 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

i like sultanat man! its pretty fun. sounds like its complicated to play. good job.

yo - btw - link my cricket blog too. www.pkblogs.com/omarlovescricket

ill shoot you an email soon about the song. i only heard it once so far. i'm going to be sending it to rutgers peeps. but dont worry. it wont get online or on p2p networks

12:04 AM  
Blogger KM said...

its been a century since i checked here...and i see two new posts.
whats up Mr.OBA?

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesommeeee! i was there! and we were not on FLOOR CUSHIONS! there were chairsss!!! and well i was about to stand up in the middle but then my mum was evil...she dragged me down...
("sit down! gadhi!")
and i swear i would give you a damn record deal if i could! so like...yay...
my friend was really mad when i told her about the concert...she really likes the black fish haroon person, and then she was like "WHAT YOU SAW THEM PERFORRRRMMM??!" when i told her i saw you guys...hehehe :P...
i would have taken her with me but...her mum wouldn't have approved of her flying from muskat to karachi to see a concert that would go on till 12 am...

1:48 PM  

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