Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Inspiring moments from the Show

1) Hoisting up our giant 15 foot “Aunty Disco” onto the stage backdrop. It was a really perilous affair but it was worth it. When it was lit up, it was a menacing and provocative image that seemed to be jumping out from the stage. Check out how it looked.(Pictures courtesy Ayesha Ahmad and Sara Memon)
2) Faraz Haider and his band. We couldn’t have asked for a better opening act. They were loud and energetic, they played a note perfect show and got through their set quickly and efficiently, really setting up a great atmosphere.
3) Us opening the show with “Sultanat”. People told me it was one of our best performances of the song. The sound was incredible, the drums were thunderous and the bass booming. When we came in with the signature opening riff, the crowd went wild. I nearly wept for joy when during the quiet part of the song, the entire audience sang the chorus back to me. It was a dream come true.
4) Yasir’s on-the-spot darbuka solo. He played the audience with his hands, going from a hypnotic belly dance rhythm to a quiet tapping and climaxing with a thunderous assault on the drumskin.
5) Imran singing “Is Tanhai Ko” with the audience singing along and swaying to the beat.
6) The mighty drumming of Omar Khalid. For a change OK didn’t drop the sticks once, and he was really on fire that night, pounding out the rhythms like a man possessed. The only glitch came when he suffered a cramp in the middle of “Black Dog” and stopped playing, much to our bemusement. But he didn’t drop the beat and got back into the song to give a great ending.

7) Our number one fan who Imran christened “little girl” (you know who you are!) who stood in the front row throughout but sadly had to leave before our last two songs. Just before I did “Nazar” she came running to the stage and asked me to sign her CD while the whole audience clapped and cheered


Blogger Atta Khan said...

a chance to see u guys perform, and i miss it!!!!
anyways, kool to hear everything went fine!!
the way ure putting it, it sounds like u guys just replicated the ROCK IN RIO concert held by iron maiden! the crowd singing with u, daning to ure music, chanting ure chorus!! living the dream!!!!

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love being young and stupid. You can do WHATEEEVVERRR you want :D

But seriously what happened to me once, I walk into game zone and the dude starts shoving these 18+ games into my hands and I say array yaar geaara saal kee hoon... he says ohh sorry madam and hands me a whole bunch of Bratz games....and WHY do you MAKE Bratz games. They're not even GOOD LOOKING, their eyes and their lips occupy sooo much space there's no ROOM for a nose!!!

And another time, a man asked me where my husband was. =(

some random dude turns to me at your concert and says YYEEAAAH you're FLIRTING WITH THE WRONG OMAR!! It was at this point my sister realized 'if you can be mistaken for our age level...that puts you at our mental level, so please, what I'm trying to say, move away from us'

3:36 PM  

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