Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Triumph in the Face of Adversity

We did it.

We pulled it off.

I can't believe it. I am so happy, I wanted to cry. After everything was almost down and out, we pulled through and gave the performance of our lives. The press reviews are in, and they are glowing...you can read for yourself.

Maheen Sabeeh at The News http://thenews.com.pk/instep_today.asp

Jaffer Ali Sharrif at The DailyTimes http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2007\04\30\story_30-4-2007_pg12_7 (Who once again get it wrong when they refer to us as Aunty Disco Party!!!)

Extiinct at Karachi Metblogs http://karachi.metblogs.com/archives/2007/04/adp_mauj.phtml

Plus we were able to shoot the video for "Ho Bhi Jahaan". All in one day.

Since I am currently hibernating, I can't write in much detail. But I just have one thing to say.

My band is the best band in the world, no matter what happens. I love the guys to bits and am ecstatic and the success we are now sharing.

And for everyone else, thank you so much for your love and support for when I was sick. ADP Loves you.