Thursday, February 28, 2008

TV Channels are Petty and Irrelevant

Well, to be clear, music channels are petty and irrelevant. This is isn't something I'm ranting about because of any particular incident recently, I've basically come to realize that music channel people are little kids who are news channel/media rejects and don't know the first thing about music and it's promotion. Worst of all, because there are such few quality people in TV channels, these incompetent children get promoted to positions of authority and then they let it get to their heads. They imagine they are recrod industry executives who get invited to all the cool parties and hang with all the celebrities. When the musicians/celebrities don't kiss there ass they lash out vindictively with petty vendettas.

Aunty Disco Project hasn't been immune to this kind of behaviour, which is really sad because I pride myself on the fact that we are a really down to earth bunch of guys not doing the whole celebrity thing. Yet every now and then I am faced with some asshole in a TV channel giving us shit.

Recently there is one channel, who shall remain unnamed, who have an extremely dysfunctional relationship with us. They interview us and get us on their shows, but thats mostly because their VJ's like us and are fans. But they refuse to play our music videos.

A while back, some kid called me from this channel telling me that they were organizing some mega concert and all these big names were already on board and they wanted us to play as well. At that point I was managing the band, so I said I'd get back to him and I quoted him our minimum playing fee. This kid goes back an tells his boss that we are showing "nakhraas". In the meantime I called up the managers and members of the other acts involved and they all told me that none of them had confirmed because the channel had confirmed their payment. Keep in mind that the price I quoted him was lower than any of the other artists.

So the channel boss guy calls me back and literally starts yelling at me telling me how the channel has done so much for us and we should play for free because they have been doing us a favor by playing our videos. I kept my cool and maintained that while we were grateful, we needed to get paid for our performance just like everybody else, and we were willing to negotiate, but we couldn't play for free. I kid you not, this guy tells me I'm an idiot and that I'm going to regret it. Can you imagine?

Sure enough, after that we see our video being taken off rotation. The next thing I know I start getting calls from my friends working at the channel asking me why this dude has a problem with me and if that's the case I should apologize. I told them I didn't have anything to apologize for.

By chance, I happened to meet the then CEO of the channel, who when he heard I was from ADP asked me what my problem was with his producer. I wanted to bang my head against something because I couldn't believe this had snowballed into such a ridiculous issue.

Not that it has affected our popularity, which just goes to show how irrelevant this channel really is. I am told that this producer guy wants me to call him up and smooth things over. Well he can smooth things over with my brown ass. Can you believe this kind of stuff still happens in a so-called professional environment?

So these days, if the guy sees us, he goes up to Yasir and makes it a point to tell him he's the only "good guy" in the band. Its been 4 months now, while you might make the case that I'm jeopardizing my bands future by not kissing some kids ass, let me remind you that TV channels mean nothing, and we are where we are today not because of them, but in spite of them.


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Blogger Atta Khan said...

heheh, ( correct me if i'm wrong )i kinda have an idea which tv channel ure talking about....i noticed that they seemed to have stopped PLAYing ure videos, and i was wondering why they stopped PLAYing ure videos all of a sudden!!!!
anyways feels nice to hear that ure living the rock n roll dream! its all about the sex, drugs and rock and roll......... although you guys are kinda behind on the sex and drugs part!!!
anyways, FUCK IT!!!! zeppelin never had to kiss ass, and neither shall you!!!! live the dream!!!!!

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