Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The worlds most awesome music video

You know sometimes, you see something and think, why do I even bother being a musician when I clearly can't compete with this. This music video is one of those things.

Let this be a reminder to you all to not waste the time.
If you don't pee yourself laughing, you are heartless.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Atif Aslam haunts our show

Given the amount of coverage we get in the newspapers and the TV appearances we do, people must think we sleep with half the media people in this town. This is only 70% true. i.e. We sleep with 70% of half the media in this town. The other half is not that easy, and usually wants a candlelit dinner first. And some just have herpes.

We went for an interview on Play TV yesterday for their live show Dial 9. Yasir, OK and I got to the studio where we went up to the Play office and were told to wait. Now usually we get to the studio, they clean us up, dab some light make-up and generally tell us how everything is going to be. But when we got their, they said no makeup, no touch ups please park your ass on the set. I had barely caught my breath before some random dude came and started molesting me, putting his hands up my shirt. Before I could scream rape, he had run a mic wire up my shirt and onto my collar. OK was fascinated with his mic and he kept exclaiming how little it was. I resisted to make the obvious joke on OK/ little things/penis reference. Yasir was worried about the shirt he was wearing because somebody in his office had said "Don't wear that shirt on TV". He had asked OK to bring a sexy shirt for him. Of course this was like asking an elephant to remember his tutu skirt. It just won't happen.

The whole thing was kind of random, we hadn't done TV in awhile and its always kinda funny because the VJ's tend to know very little about us and the kind of people watching the show only know about Atif Aslam.

This became evident to us within the first 5 mins of the show, when we took a live caller on the air who excitedly proclaimed that he loved our song.

When we asked him which one he proudly proclaimed "Teray Bin".

The moment was golden. Would you believe that this caller dude had not only confused a song byAtif Aslam with one of ours but had in fact decided that all three of us were collectively, in fact, Atif Aslam.

More Atif Aslam torture continued as people called into the show not to talk to us, but to wish Atif Happy Birthday. By this time, we couldn't even be shocked anymore and merrily joined in the fun, promising the callers that we would give their message to "Atif bhai" whenever we saw him.

Our only saving grace was when one of our die-hard fans got through and told us we were the best. Plus my friend N also came to our rescue by calling in and pretending to be a hardcore groupie. Incidentally I later found out my mother was frantically trying to call, much to my dad's embarrassment. Apparently she was not going to call as my mother but as a crazed fan. The fact that she didn't get through makes me think I dodged a major bullet there...

Apart from the fact that no one knew who the heck we were on television, it was still a fun interview, we had a good time and the VJ, who was exceedingly cute was a genuine fan who knew relevant stuff about us, for a change. She actually asked intelligent questions and I didn't make a fool of myself by trying to hit on her on the air, which I feel is my biggest accomplishment.

However, we were informed that Play TV did not have any of our videos, so they were going to play Jal and Atif instead. This is what we refer to in the music industry as "Chootiapah". Especially since they have already run Sultanat several times when it was released.

Good times in the end I guess, I'm really feeling good about ADP these days, we are a lot more relaxed and genuinely enjoying a new surge in popularity thanks to the IVSAA show and the reports about it. Let's see what we can do next.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This is just plain rude. But hilarious.

Apparently Moses had a lot more in common with Pink Floyd than we thought.

Read this.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Whats on Omar's ipod this week?

Here are some songs you should download. To help you decide I wrote a bit about them.

“Hot Thing” by Talib Kwali

There is some crap stuff out there that tries to call itself rap and hip-hop but it really is just irrelevant and synthesized, for e.g. Kanye West and Timbaland. But if you want to listen to some real rap infused with some jazz funky soul, this is it.
There are few MC’s out there who rap better than Talib Kwali, the guy just has such a talent for making words bend to the rhythm and “Hot Thing” is a sweet little ode to a girl who drives him wild. He manages to convey his lusting without saying “bitch” or “ho” even once. The beat is killer, with playful bursts of trumpets and a groovy, funky fresh bassline, it’ll have you shoulder shaking in no time. This is my happy song of the week.

“Here We Go Again” by Norah Jones and Ray Charles

This beautiful, soft duet is on Ray Charles’ last studio album “Genius Loves Company”. It’s a cover of an old jazz standard, and no one brings soul better than Ray Charles as he sings about how he’s fallen into the familiar cycle of love and inevitable heartbreak.
Ok, to put it mildly, Norah Jones makes me weak in the knees. The silvery, breathy voice is just so incredibly sexy, put that together with Ray Charles rough but soulful crooning and you’ve got a song that will really tug at your heartstrings.
Did I mention that legendary organist Billy Preston plays on this session and pulls out a ecstatic church organ solo in the middle of the song to just give it that tiny edge of blues that keeps it from being too depressing. This is vintage stuff.
My “heartbreak can be beautiful” song of the week.

“I Still Remember” by Bloc Party

I have been listening to this song all week and let me tell you, Bloc Party are one of the best bands to come out of Britain for a long time. They sound a lot like The Cure and a bit like Joy Division from the early days. When I first heard this song I thought it was a simple love song, from a guy who was reminiscing about possible unrequited love and how he regrets not doing anything about it. But the more I listened to it, I realized it’s a lot more complicated than that. It’s actually about love between two boys who both realized what the other was feeling but were too scared to do anything about it. Gulp right?
That doesn’t take anything away from the song though. The lyrics are really heartfelt and they will speak to you if you’ve ever regretted a missed chance. With the soaring choruses and a really melodic, chiming guitar watch out for this one, I promise you you’ll love it. My “emotional wreck” song of the week.

“Too Drunk To Fuck” by The Dead Kennedys

Just in case you think I’ve gone all soft listening to rap and Norah Jones, check out this explosion of pure filth from one of my favorite punk bands, The Dead Kennedys. The manic, snarling guitar riff is just pure animal lust and vile dose of anti-establishment.
Lead singer Jello Biafra can be profound on a lot of songs, but on this one, he keeps it simple. Basically its about how he goes to a crazy house party, gets pissed drunk out of his mind, fights with a bunch of people, tries to sleep with an equally drunk chick, but he can’t get it up, pukes all over the bathroom and then gets diarrhea.
Aah, the beauty of music. This is my “fuck the world” song of the week.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Market Segmentation

I think we were genuinely surprised with all the die-hard fans who showed up, we're now beginning to see a couple of familiar face at all our concerts...I guess we have our own cult following, I'm thinking of what to call them. Here are the suggestions. Please vote.

1) ADP-ers
2) Aunty Discoes
3) Disco Aunties
4) Mailas for Yasir

Technically that last one is not quite accurate because we get a couple of Mailees as well....
It's funny how individual band members attract different sections of the crowd. After the show, the people who come up to talk to Omar Khalid are usually young males 22-30 who are either aspiring musicians our just plain rockers who love his energetic smash-the-skins approach to drumming. They usually approach him in large groups, all wearing black t-shirts and sometimes we dont know if they want to kill him or take a picture with him.
Yasir on the other hand attracts two groups, the little teenage girls who repeatedly ask him what his instrument is called and giggle because "darbuka" sounds funny. The second group are the slightly serious all-about-the music kind of adults, the few older people who come to our shows who just appreciate the variety his playing brings to the sound. Occasionally there are girls who just think he's cute and want to mother him. He really has perfected the lost-puppy look, the bastard.
Lodhi used to get a similiar group of guys to Omar, but they were usually younger, high-school types I guess it's because he's the most approachable guy in the band.
As for me, people tend to approach me the least. I really don't know why. Yasir says its because they feel intimidated, which surprises me, I always try to make an effort to meet the audience and just mingle, thank them for coming out. I suppose I'm also the first one to start packing our equipment so I get kinda lost with it. Plus if it's a good show, I'm usually drained and I just want to sit in one place and soak up the moment. If it's a bad show, I try to avoid people because I feel its embarassing, especially if they come up to you and tell you it was great. You can tell when people are being charitable.

Who knew that architects could rock?

Man what a great show! we haven't had a show like that in a long time. The crowd was fairly small but energetic, the sound was perfect and for once, we were genuinely enjoying ourselves on stage rather than worrying about expectation.

It was a crazy day, Yasir, Omar and I went to the beach for a friends barbecue, so by the time we got back for the show, we were already exhausted, for sand is not an easy substance to remove from ones butt crack.

Our longtime sound guys Audiolink were already there. Over the last year or so, we're learned to just stick with one sound guy and no on handles us better than Navaid from Audiolink. It was the most painless and relaxed soundcheck we ever did. While were all in a good mood and genuinely pumped up about the show, we could tell that the crowd response might not be that great. Most of the people, the older crowd had just come for the food (which according to Omar Khalid was the best rice he's ever had). Some of the students were actually heard saying "ADP? Who got them? Why ADP". It's easy to get disheartened when you hear something like that, I just told the boys that it was a new opportunity for us to make converts out of them.

We started of with our long time opener "Kiss" and the straight up launched into Sultanat. By now, its become a popular enough song that people start cheering from the moment they hear the opening guitar riff, and let me tell you it always gives me goose bumps. We powered our way through a raucous Sultanat and a growling Shehar Key Aansoo and then I took a break from vocals so that Ali could sing. People remembered his song "Raat Jaagi" and it was great to see them singing along to it. Ali has a new song called "Hum Na Rahey" which is my favourite song these days. He hasn't recorded it yet, but when he does, I guarantee its going to be a hit so look out for it.

After a low key Nazar and a chirpy Likhta Nahin Mein, we unveiled our latest cover, which was a 15 minute tripped out freaky version of "Teardrop" by Massive Attack. This is when we really came together. I don't usually get a chance to pull out wild guitar solos but on this one I really cut loose and the guys felt it too. The crowd really got into it, it was incredible.

We ended with "With a Little Help from My Friends", but we were brought back to do an encore with our old favourite "Sympathy For The Devil" which had them dancing on their feet, bringing a perfect end to a perfect show.

Post show, we met with the crowd, signed some CDs and posed for some pictures, which really is the rewarding bit from doing this, just seeing that you have affected people in a positive way and just sending out a vibe of good energy (yes I know I sound like a hippie). Ali Alam was his usual low key self, and he wandered away to find his wife, I thought that was funny, we actually have a band member who is stable and horror of horrors...married? Sometimes I can't tell if Ali is excited or happy about something but I could see he was loving it on stage, as we traded jokes on the mic.

Thank you all you came, those who didn't, we'll be back on stage faster than you can say Meri Pant Bhi Sexy. Stay tuned.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Secret ADP Show for Architects

There's been a bunch of speculation as to who we are going to find as a replacement for Lodhi. Let me make clear that we can't really replace Lodhi, but we can go with someone in a different direction. So we decided to stay close to home and guest with our friend Ali Alam.

Now if you guys don't know Ali Alam, he is one of the old school underground rockers of Karachi, having been a part of what I like to call the "Cafe Blue" era, which was a time in the 90's when all these incredible musicians like Gumby, Aamir Zaki, Assad Ahmed, Ganda Banda and The 3-D Cats got together at Cafe Blue to jam. I remember going there as a teenager and being in complete awe of the performers. So it's kinda trippy to be playing with Ali, the former frontman of Ganda Banda, because he belongs to a group of people Lodhi and I idolized when we were just starting out.

As our first performance post-Lodhi, we're playing a gig at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVSAA) as entertainment for the Institute of Architects of Pakistan (IAP), this Sunday at around 10:30. Unfortunately it is not open to the general public, because its basically an Indus Valley event so only IAP members and students of IVSAA can attend, I think tickets are Rs. 100.

I have mixed feelings about this show. We're getting paid a decent amount, after being paid for this show, ADP will finally be out of debt, for the first time since we started 2 years ago, we will actually make money off something. So thats a plus. But the I'm told the crowd will basically be a whole bunch of old people who really are not your rock'n'roll types. The last couple of people who played for IAP were Tina Sani, Ghulam Ali and Mekaal Hassan Band, who was apparently disgusted with the crowd response. I guess this year there entertainment budget got slashed, so it was either us or a bandar-wallah from Seaview.

So I'm expecting crickets chirping during our set. I can only hope that some students get in so we can have some support. Plus its a low key way to get back on track with a new band member so maybe its good that we're not doing a huge publc show straight up.

But I can tell you this, I'm excited about performing with Ali. The band is sounding tight and energetic, and we really like Ali's songs which we've added to our setlist. It'll be a nice change for us so things should be good. Anyway, I know people have been waiting for a proper ADP show and I promise I am planning something big for the end of March, I can't give you details yet, but if i can pull it off, it is going to be...perfection.