Tuesday, November 04, 2008

TV Channels and us

It really is a delicate relationship and one where I am increasingly torn between being grateful to them for promoting us and our video and giving into my murderous rage and urinating on them all. (Yep, that's right, my murderous rage leads to pee). I still remember the maddening run arounds we had to go through for them to play "Sultanat". You walked into the office of the music channel and it was almost as if there was a huge sign that said "No Video Promotion Without Blowjob". And then they would give us the run around,

"Oh if you want your video to air, you gotta blow Shahid"
"But to get an interview, please blow Aamir from programming"
"You want the video to be on the charts? oh that'll cost extra....bend over....".

The hierarchy was quite organized. After grovelling, begging, pleading and going through countless hours of watching mind numbingly stupid television just so I could get a glimpse of my video, we just gave up. We blamed it on the fact that our video was low budget and just not viewer friendly.

So a year later when we've sorta established a little credibility as a not-completely-hopeless band, we invested heavily in a good looking video and released a song that I feel was one of our best we went back to the TV Channels and prepared for the worst. Now I would be lying if I said there wasn't a change in their attitude towards us. For the most part,this time around the TV Channels were much more respectful, helpful and they genuinely loved the video, some of them putting it into rotation immediately. Then again there was also a change of attitude from me. I wasn't about to be all humble and grovelling and just expect people to help us because they said so. I made a concerted effort to personally contact the responsible people, to the point where if they were avoiding my phone calls, I would go to their office unannounced and sit outside until they met us. Yasir and I caused a bit of a stir when we went to visit one channel who, despite us giving them the video a week before, hadn't even copied it into their system. We pulled out all our contacts and sat on their heads until we physically saw them transfer the file and upload it into their list. I wouldn't say we intimidated them, but made them uncomfortable enough to get off their asses, which I realize is the only way to get things done around here.

Look, I'm under no illusions that as an upcoming band, nobody out there is going to do us any favors and we have to make things happen on our own. But I am just frustrated because these guys don't realize the intense depression that comes from sitting with your family hours on end flipping back and forth between the music channels hoping to get a glimpse of the video. They don't know the deep embarassment when you tell everybody to look out for the video and nobody sees it, with friends and relatives beginning to doubt that you are ever going to get on the air. They also don't realize that a music video is a huge investment with no financial return and when it gets killed by lack of airplay, they've basically wasted a bands and directors future.

I'm not even saying that every band deserves to get regular airplay, shit bands should be told they are shit. But at least give the public a chance to decide. Not you fuckheads in the so called "programming departments". I have literally had these uneducated asshats tell me that unless there is a hot girl dancing in the video it won't work.These people have such disdain for the music loving public of Pakistan, who the fuck are they to decide whats good for the public or not? These nobodies are merely little cretins who think that just because they interact with celebrity musicians they know a thing or two about music. And they get to lord it over bands trying to break into the business.

The worst part is I can't even call some of these fuckers out on their bullshit. We might get "banned". Like we did on a certain channel, with whom we have now mended our relations. But it kills me inside when I sometimes have to meet people and smile at them and thank them for the tiny bone they may have thrown our way. I have to for the good of the bands name, and the other guys in it. Which is why I wish we had a manager who would be the face of ADP rather than me and could act like a buffer. Now... if I can't find it anywhere in my heart to be civil to somebody, I usually have Yasir deal with them, because he's got a non-confrontational personality and people like him. I swear, even though I might come off as some control freak, all i really want to do is write songs and play with my band and have somebody else deal with media.


Blogger KM said...

Nazar is a winner.
it IS your manwa re!

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I commend your unique use of the word ass. *salutes*

3:38 PM  
Blogger AAG said...

I can so fukin relate to this! As a matter of fact. We're goin through the same shit these days..
Oh well... Check out our track. Trying to get this very Music Video to play on channels...


3:24 AM  

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