Friday, November 17, 2006

Day 11: I'm free I'm free I'm free

9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Lodhi is still in recovery and OK is still an ass-bandit (translation: he had to go to a college thing). They both enjoy breaking the rules. (Please see pic). Also they occassionally attack furry animals together. Once again it was Yasir and I, making the trek to the studio on a Sunday morning.

Today I was extra nervous about the two songs we were doing “Likhta Nahin Mein” and “Sheher key Aansoo” (See stories). Although I was relieved that these were the last two songs I had to sing lead vocals on, I considered them the two hardest ones. Given my ordeal during “Sajna” the confidence wasn’t exactly flowing.

Yasir had gone to see
Overload last night and he was telling us about the awesome show they put on at Bahria Auditorium. I must confess I am always double minded when I hear about good concerts or attend them because while I enjoy great music, I always start thinking how awesome it would be if it were us performing instead of them. Then I get all crabby and start flinging poop at people.

As usual my voice sounded terrible early in the morning but I was also unreasonably
cranky today. Early on in the takes Yasir(with similiar expression as pic.) had boldly suggested we change one of the lines in “Likhta”. This resulted in full-fledged diva behavior from me as I cursed him for trying to ruin my precious lyric. Poor guy was not expecting such a spaz attack. Neither was Raza. I could feel the uncomfortable silence in the studio as the two were recovering from my profanity filled outburst and I felt guilty. I guess it’s sometimes hard for me to take criticism over something I’ve created and I’m often tempted to pull the whole “you think it’s easy writing songs? You try doing it!” schtick but I have to remind myself that it’s their song too. Not wanting to ruin the mood, I took a break and offered an olive branch. Yasir claims that he did it on purpose to fire me up. I contemplated beating him senseless to fire him up. (Pic: This is how I look after similiar self-righteous rants)

It was still hard to get into the singing, The song has me singing at a higher-than-normal register so I was croaking a lot. In fact during one of the takes, on a particularly high note, my voice cracked completely and I entered a second puberty. This of course sent Raza and Yasir into fits and much to my chagrin, they kept playing the recording over and over again, while rolling on the floor with laughter. Aargh.

However, it was finally over and much to my relief, it came out quite well. More importantly I managed to harness some real emotion into it.

Emotion was the key element to “Sheher Kay Aansoo”. I wanted it to be a fiery, angry song but with a hint of lament over my beloved city. To channel this I clenched my fists and pressed them into my gut and I belted out the lyrics. I really intended for this song to be an indictment of the law and order situation in Karachi, just to show that not everyone is resigned to accepting it.

This was my best vocal performance yet. I knocked out the song in just under half an hour, and we needed just another hour to slap on some backing vocals. Although after listening to the playback, I still thought I sounded a little flat, but Raza assured me that this was not the case and that I was in fact quite stupid.

I breathed a sigh of relief. I was done! Barring a few mandolin overdubs and some percussion, I had nothing more to play or sing on the album and I was overjoyed with the way the songs were sounding. I know we are still a long way from being over because we still have to record the songs where Lodhi sings and plays guitar. I know he’s raring to go so I hope he’ll be fit enough to do the entire day. But as for me, I’m free…
I’m free, I’m free! And freedom tastes of reality” – The Who “I’m Free”



Blogger KM said...

where'd all these posts suddenly come up from?
i could swear they werent here a day ago.

its nice to get a behind the 'scenes' account of your album building.looking forward to it.

and to conclude, i dont approve of the attacking furry animals bit.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes Overload was amazing and yasir actually criticised Hasan's playing position on the 'turkish' drums... it later turned out they weren't turkish after all, but were 'egyptian'... there goes my lil borrowed critique...

... getting down to more eh serious things. to prevent voice from sleeping longer then you have do the following:

1) always gargle using warm salt water before sleeping.

2)have some honey and warm water (any hot drink) in the morning.

3)warm up your vocals (other then through the eh drinks) by practising different notes on your keyboard (i reccomend going through the sargam at least a 100 times).

do take care! :D

will definitly link this now!

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scary, scary pictures :P.

Leave the midgets and the animals and the poop alone :P!

7:43 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

raza knows all! who is this dude?

could send me dirty pictures of him please!

sounds like you had the usual f*g attack when your buddy suggested you change some shiiiit dawg!

see my censoring above? though i don't think its too hard to figure out.

you should have gone to overload. even i heard it was awesome and i am in jersey.

4:32 AM  

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