Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Day 12: The Lodhi Strikes Back

This was a pretty crazy and eventful Sunday, we were pumped about going to the studio because Lodhi was making his comeback. He was going to attempt to finish his guitar parts on his songs (FYI: Lodhi plays guitar on four songs, while I play bass. We switch duties for the other six ) The poor guy looked in pretty bad shape and he was chugging Energile like it was the only drink on earth. (I wonder how much we could get if ADP endorses an ad campaign for Energile…). This however gave him several R.Kelly type tendencies and he had to go pee every couple of minutes.

We had a lot of fun recording my guitar parts for the album because we experimented with all sorts of settings and weird mic settings/combinations (a closely guarded secret…). Lodhi too had some pretty far out ideas on how he wanted to blend the guitar sounds using a very experimental setup. This had me, the resident mic technician, completely baffled. It took us at least an hour of fiddling with knobs and mic placements to hit that sweet sound but when we did, it was a great feeling. I celebrated this great feeling by pretending do shoot Yasir and dance over his body. (Please note: Yes it’s true, we delight in torturing Yasir. But it’s only out of love. And well…sadism.)

While the guitar sound he was getting was awesome, Lodhi was pretty rusty getting back into the groove of things. We still managed to slap on some guitar riffs for "Gaata Mein Chaloon" and "Dhoop". He was beginning to fatigue and was getting out of sync when we started "Merey Dost" so we decided to call it a day.
I for one was the most relaxed I had been since we went in the studio since I had finished all my bits. With the result that I was acting like a bit of a jackass. There was a mini-keyboard lying around so Yasir and I decided to torture the already frazzled Lodhi by playing cartoony sounds over Lodhis’ playback and making him screw up…(hahaha…ok so you had to be there…)

Despite all the horsing around, I was getting a little tense. I knew it would take extra time for Lodster to get back to the top of his game, but Raza told us that we barely had any booked sessions left. The studio had been booked all the way through January by other artists, so we were gonna have to work over time to complete the album recording/mixing/mastering by January, which is our target. I don’t know how we are going to do this. Gulp.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are MEAN :P!

As for the January can do it! And then have a concert already :)!

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