Tuesday, March 08, 2011


It'll be a year today since Imran passed away.

It's funny how time passes by so quickly. It doesn't feel like a year. So much has happened in that time.

I think about Imran a lot. I wonder what he would say about the way things are in the music industry today. Imran was way ahead of his time, although he didn't know it. He knew that the Pakistan music industry was going to be all about live shows and songs were going to distributed almost exclusively on the internet. He knew that we were wasting our time chasing sponsors and record deals. He knew that there was no point spending money on big studios when we could record the same quality in our living rooms. I'm sad he isn't around to see how absolutely spot on he was in his predictions. I'm sad he isn't around for me to tell him, "Imran, you crazy bastard, you were right all along"

Imran's family has been absolutely amazing throughout this ordeal. they have show tremendous grace and spirit through the tragedy and they inspire me everyday. His mother still sends me text messages whenever we get a mention in the newspaper, or we come on television. She's still one of our biggest fans.

I pray for Imran and I hope he has found peace wherever he is. I hope he knows we miss him and still think of him.

I pray for his family and I pray to God to give them peace and the strength to carry on.


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We all miss you Imran, your music reflected what a great person you were! :-( Rest in Peace bro, we shall be together again some day!

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