Wednesday, August 08, 2007

FLASHBACK #2 : I end up directing our first music video

So for two months we had been going back and forth for the video for Sultanat. Sometimes we weren’t happy with the concept, sometimes we couldn’t fit everything in the budget, we were getting nowehere. We had already shot a video for “Is tanhai Ko (Ho Bhi Jahaan), but we all agreed that Sultanat was the one that needed to come out first.

Now making a video isn’t easy, but making it in under Rs.150,000 is apparently impossible. It’s hard not to listen to so called “industry” people who tell you that a video should be at least Rs. 500,000 and up otherwise it will suck and no will ever love you and you’ll get herpes and never pee straight again.
All the “big directors” were either too busy or believed that shooting a video with this budget wouldn’t be worth their time. Everyone was too busy working on fucking commercials.

I had finally had enough. One fine day I just formulated a concept in my head about shooting the video at The Basement Café where the band is basically fooled into a deal with the devil and condemned to perform at this underground café forever filled with demons, yeah weird I know..butI thought it went well with the lyrics

“Iss duniya ko kaisey choroon mein”

Literally, I came back from a wedding at night and within an hour I had come up with the entire storyline and shot sequence. I excitedly called up Imran and told him the story…
Imran: So whose going to direct this?
Me:…er….I am.

Had my egomania really gone wild this time, I mean did I seriously think I could just direct a music video? Luckily my band members had faith in me

“Everyone has given us lora (penis) so we have no choice.”
Now that was some seriously inspiring Mel Gibson-Braveheart type shit.

I knew, the only way we could pull this off is if we had an excellent Director of Photography. For our last video, a young guy called Amsal operated the camera. If we could get him on board, I knew we could do it.

I went into a state of complete mania. I begged people to be part of the cast and crew. Luckily some of my best friends stepped up to the plate and agreed to be Art Directors and Makeup artists. By the time Amsal confirmed he was on board, I really began to feel like we could do this…

But then the rains came to Karachi.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

The day before the shoot, somebody told me that water had seeped through and flooded The Basement Café

More Shit. Shit. Shit.

The night before the shoot, I prayed and prayed. “Lord, I know tomorrow we’re making a video that involves Satan, but believe me…I’m really all about God and if you don’t make it rain tommorow, I promise…er…I’ll stop making up rude songs about Yasir”

When I woke up to a sunny day, I was overjoyed. And we shot the video. Even though our generator didn’t work, even though we couldn’t use half the lights we paid for, even though we had to cut our shoot short because we were getting thrown out of the Basement, we pulled it off. In one day, we shot the entire video.

It took us less than three weeks to conceptualize, shoot and edit the video. It cost us Rs.99500 exactly Rs. 500 under the budget. I don’t care what people think. When you accomplish something like that, it’s special. Thank you Amsal. Thank you cast and Crew. Thank you Band
. Thank you God.

Here's us from the shoot....

The Return Of The Blog

Ladies and Gentlemen,

To the fifteen people who read my blog, I apologize profusely, I know that the last time I blogged was three months ago. Since then a lot has happened, and I mean A LOT. ADP finally launched into the mainstream with our first single Sultanat with it’s accompanying video. Mashallah its doing very well, and people are beginning to call it a hit. In the words of Borat “ Graaaayt Suksess!!”

Well almost. Its been an insane journey from then till now. So I’m going to try and re-create the events to give you guys a better picture of whats been happening….so here goes…cue flashback music……..


The gig we did with Mauj at PACC was a huge success and it really was responsible for raising our profile. I was just glad that we managed to hold our own against a great live act like Mauj. A lot of media personalities attended the show and I guess it kinda created a buzz, we got articles in the press and all sorts of fun coverage…and then Yasir got kissed…..

OK so this is the story, Yasir was packing up the instruments after the show and some twenty something hottie came up to him and said, “You were awesome”, so Yasir made his Puss-In-Boots waali shakal and thanked her.



Apparently Yasir is now the no.1 groupie attraction. Hahah, the rest of us were amused (and slightly miffed I’m sure, I mean hell…why didn’t we get the groupie attention!!). But then our amusement turned to hysterical laughter when one by one, we realized that none of us had seen this happen. There were absolutely zero witnesses!! So then we proceeded to pisstake Yasir for the rest of his life.

So right here on this blog, if you were the mystery woman who kissed Yasir at the Mauj/ADP gig at PACC, Reveal Yourself!!! And save the dignity of Yasir….