Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We take over the airwaves

For the last two weeks we have been whoring ourselves to any and all media. But willingly. I realized that blatant self-promotion really was the only way to get people to see our video. So we took any offers for appearances that came our way. In the span of two weeks we appeared on the following shows:

1) Mera MTV: With Ali Safina

Now Ali's a crazy character and we go way back. He used to be Yasir's roomate, so bless his heart he was one of the first guys to call and tell us how much he loved the video and song and that we should come on his show. He's wildly popular and we're used to his manic style so the interview was a lot of fun, especially the part where the power went out in the Mtv studios and you could hear us for a couple of seconds going "Bijli chalee gaee? Naheen yaar..." in pitch darkness. Yasir and I got to rock out and jam on the air as well as play bits of "Sultanat" and "Nazar'. Good times.

2) Weekends with Mahirah

Mahirah is a complete sweetheart and really was quite generous about having us and promoting us on her show. Now we've been collectively crushing on her for a long time so we were really looking forward to it. She has a special place in our hearts because she was the first VJ to play "Sultanat" on the air. The interview really was one of our best and most fun. it was really spontaneous and Mahirah and her crew were extremely supportive. (The fact that they didn't manage to get the "Nazar" video on the show is different matter...) For the three of us, it was also our funniest interview, and we kinda let loose at some of the clueless callers who called in. Most of them of course had never heard of us, which always makes for awkward moments,

Girl Caller: " Menay in ka kabhi nahin suna" (I've never heard of these guys)
Me: "Hum ney bhi aap ka kabhi nahin suna" (We've haven't heard of you either)

For me the funniest moment was when Mahirah asked Omar what his least favourite word was and he replied "The Urdu word for 'vest'".
Don't know if he meant "Banyaan" or "Jhangia".They're both pretty foul.

At least it wasn't "Chaddi".

3) Dial 9 with Sehrish

So we got to do an interview with another cute VJ. Life could be worse :) Yes yes... I know but I assure you we were completely professional. Except Yasir, he's a real sexual harassment panda in waiting. I think it was one of our most relaxed interviews because Sehrish is a genuine fan of ours and she actually knows a lot about us and what we're all about. Plus this was our second interview with her, you can read about the first here. My favorite part of the interview was the rapid fire questions she asked all of us. For once, I got the easy questions, although when she asked me about the three things I couldn't live without, I somehow included "cheese" as one of my answers. This was not an intellectually high point for me.


Blogger KM said...

ok so maybe you didnt want to mention it, but kAy saw you on play or aag, with some irritating teeny bopper vj's(the show raheel does) and said you guys looked like you wanted to die.
she said the vj sucked and knew nothing about you guys.

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i actually recorded your 3-to-5 show because i kinda saw it in the middle once and it looked good.

later on i figured that the sound was horrible and the host was an ass. your performances were amazing though. would you happen to have the audio for them?

a friend's friend.

11:45 AM  

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