Monday, March 03, 2008

Market Segmentation

I think we were genuinely surprised with all the die-hard fans who showed up, we're now beginning to see a couple of familiar face at all our concerts...I guess we have our own cult following, I'm thinking of what to call them. Here are the suggestions. Please vote.

1) ADP-ers
2) Aunty Discoes
3) Disco Aunties
4) Mailas for Yasir

Technically that last one is not quite accurate because we get a couple of Mailees as well....
It's funny how individual band members attract different sections of the crowd. After the show, the people who come up to talk to Omar Khalid are usually young males 22-30 who are either aspiring musicians our just plain rockers who love his energetic smash-the-skins approach to drumming. They usually approach him in large groups, all wearing black t-shirts and sometimes we dont know if they want to kill him or take a picture with him.
Yasir on the other hand attracts two groups, the little teenage girls who repeatedly ask him what his instrument is called and giggle because "darbuka" sounds funny. The second group are the slightly serious all-about-the music kind of adults, the few older people who come to our shows who just appreciate the variety his playing brings to the sound. Occasionally there are girls who just think he's cute and want to mother him. He really has perfected the lost-puppy look, the bastard.
Lodhi used to get a similiar group of guys to Omar, but they were usually younger, high-school types I guess it's because he's the most approachable guy in the band.
As for me, people tend to approach me the least. I really don't know why. Yasir says its because they feel intimidated, which surprises me, I always try to make an effort to meet the audience and just mingle, thank them for coming out. I suppose I'm also the first one to start packing our equipment so I get kinda lost with it. Plus if it's a good show, I'm usually drained and I just want to sit in one place and soak up the moment. If it's a bad show, I try to avoid people because I feel its embarassing, especially if they come up to you and tell you it was great. You can tell when people are being charitable.


Blogger Atta Khan said...

hey i never gtt intimidated by you at sultan masjid......i like see u every bloody week, and its quite easy to spot u, ure usually the curly haired, tall, defence ka londa, wearing ure t-shirt and jeans, just like me(well except for the curly hair)!!!
plus its kinda odd to hear that ppl dont pile up around u...........hey one more thing, u said u cant afford strippers on stage, but whats ure say on the pyros????

4:42 PM  
Blogger Atta Khan said...

oh yeah.......the vote, i vote for aunti-discoes, sounds funkier.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disco Aunties...
Yes, you are scary...

10:27 PM  

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