Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Whats on Omar's ipod this week?

Here are some songs you should download. To help you decide I wrote a bit about them.

“Hot Thing” by Talib Kwali

There is some crap stuff out there that tries to call itself rap and hip-hop but it really is just irrelevant and synthesized, for e.g. Kanye West and Timbaland. But if you want to listen to some real rap infused with some jazz funky soul, this is it.
There are few MC’s out there who rap better than Talib Kwali, the guy just has such a talent for making words bend to the rhythm and “Hot Thing” is a sweet little ode to a girl who drives him wild. He manages to convey his lusting without saying “bitch” or “ho” even once. The beat is killer, with playful bursts of trumpets and a groovy, funky fresh bassline, it’ll have you shoulder shaking in no time. This is my happy song of the week.

“Here We Go Again” by Norah Jones and Ray Charles

This beautiful, soft duet is on Ray Charles’ last studio album “Genius Loves Company”. It’s a cover of an old jazz standard, and no one brings soul better than Ray Charles as he sings about how he’s fallen into the familiar cycle of love and inevitable heartbreak.
Ok, to put it mildly, Norah Jones makes me weak in the knees. The silvery, breathy voice is just so incredibly sexy, put that together with Ray Charles rough but soulful crooning and you’ve got a song that will really tug at your heartstrings.
Did I mention that legendary organist Billy Preston plays on this session and pulls out a ecstatic church organ solo in the middle of the song to just give it that tiny edge of blues that keeps it from being too depressing. This is vintage stuff.
My “heartbreak can be beautiful” song of the week.

“I Still Remember” by Bloc Party

I have been listening to this song all week and let me tell you, Bloc Party are one of the best bands to come out of Britain for a long time. They sound a lot like The Cure and a bit like Joy Division from the early days. When I first heard this song I thought it was a simple love song, from a guy who was reminiscing about possible unrequited love and how he regrets not doing anything about it. But the more I listened to it, I realized it’s a lot more complicated than that. It’s actually about love between two boys who both realized what the other was feeling but were too scared to do anything about it. Gulp right?
That doesn’t take anything away from the song though. The lyrics are really heartfelt and they will speak to you if you’ve ever regretted a missed chance. With the soaring choruses and a really melodic, chiming guitar watch out for this one, I promise you you’ll love it. My “emotional wreck” song of the week.

“Too Drunk To Fuck” by The Dead Kennedys

Just in case you think I’ve gone all soft listening to rap and Norah Jones, check out this explosion of pure filth from one of my favorite punk bands, The Dead Kennedys. The manic, snarling guitar riff is just pure animal lust and vile dose of anti-establishment.
Lead singer Jello Biafra can be profound on a lot of songs, but on this one, he keeps it simple. Basically its about how he goes to a crazy house party, gets pissed drunk out of his mind, fights with a bunch of people, tries to sleep with an equally drunk chick, but he can’t get it up, pukes all over the bathroom and then gets diarrhea.
Aah, the beauty of music. This is my “fuck the world” song of the week.


Blogger Atta Khan said...

i knoe where u can get rap and rock in one place and the lyrics are awesome!! RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE!!! Zach De La Rocha really knows how to some words up properly, and yes he doesnt use the words "bitch" or "ho" either!

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dead Kennedys...<3

10:26 PM  

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