Saturday, February 10, 2007

Our First Anniversary

So all you loyal fans out there (all three of you) you will be pleased to know that A.D.P celebrates its one year anniversary this month. I was reminded when I attended this year’s TCF Ilmathon mela which was a blast. It was also the site for our first gig ever. Yep. That’s right, we’ve actually made it a whole year together. Well almost.

I know there are a lot of rumours going around so let me just clear things up. Yes, we are halfway done mixing our songs. (If you were at the TCF Ilmathon, you may have even heard some of our songs as we sneaked them onto the music system :)...)

Inshallah the first song and video should hit the airwaves late March. Some of you may have already heard samples of our music, but we are trying very hard to keep the material as private a s possible till we release.

We are in talks with record companies, so I will post once we have finalized our release dates. But i can tell you that we areall extremely excited andcan't wait to get the stuff out.

We will also be performing a lot in Marhc, for those of you who haven't seen or heard us. We will definitely be doing somethign first week of March, so stay tuned for details.

To commemorate our anniversary, I am going to post a timeline of the bands history.

February 2nd 2006: Omar Akhtar and Omar Khalid (OK) along with buddy Afaan Naqvi perform at Caffeine as part of Open-Mic Night. After the show they are approached by Imran Lodhi, Khawer Amir Khan and Yasir Qureshi. Much homosexuality is suspected.

February 10th : Imran, OK and Khawer get together at Omar’s place for first ever jam. Jam starts badly when Omar blows up Lodhis amp.

February 17th: Imran and Khawer tell the rest that they have a great keyboardist who they introduce as Yasir Qureshi. However the only thing Yasir can do on the keyboard is type "balls" really fast. He discovers Omar’s darbuka and starts to play.

February 20th: Band jams properly for the first time with OK on drums, Yasir on Darbuka, Lodhi on bass/vocals, Khawer and Omar on guitars/vocals. We celebrate by parking our car outside some girls’ house and stalking her.

February 25th: While sitting at Karachi Broast, Khawer suggests some ridiculous name. Omar says, "man that’s just dumb, we might as well call ourselves something stupider, like …I dunno "Aunty Disco Project". Khawer gets THAT look on his face.

February 27th: Khawer goes on mad rampage and creates Orkut community for Aunty Disco Project. Band gets stuck with the name. Khawer forces first 50 people to join at gunpoint.

February 28th: Band gets robbed at gunpoint.

March 10th: Band performs first ever gig at TCF Ilmathon under the name "Eastern Comfort". (see pic). We get asked to sign autographs. Then the autograph seekers leave before the gig starts to go attend to Noori concert next door. We play for a crowd of 5 people, including the sound guy. Highlight of evening: A bunch of Pathans getting up on our stage and singing "Bibi Shireen".

March 23rd: Band gets invited to perform at IBA Battle of the Bands. We are declared winners after threatening the organizers with dildos.

April 20th: Khawer resigns from band after dildo-incident.

April 25th: Khawer releases solo hit single "George Bush is Gay".

May 16th: Band plays as foursome at IBA graduation party. Crowd mostly hates us until we play "Papa Kehtay Hain".

June 20th: Band headlines gig for the first time with a show at Caffeine, playing mostly original songs. Everyone agrees that the sound is bad but the enjoyed watching us jump around for a bit.

June 25th: Omar does guest vocals at a gig along with Immu and Shallum (from Fuzon), Khalid (from Aaroh) and Gumby. Band members call him names such as "Butt-Pirate".

July 15th: While Omar is on vacation, band attempts to get on TV by auditioning for show ‘MTV Battle Of The Bands". They are mocked by celebrity judges Strings. Yasir kicks Faisal Kapadia in the nuts and sings "Duur". Show never makes it to TV.

August 20th: Band decides to go to recording studio to make an album.

September to December: Still making an album

December to Present Day: Nobody believes they are making an album.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what I find scary? I've been to almost every single gig you guys have had. The whole year. Ack.

Do I get to hear more stuff now :P?

10:11 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

what an epic journey...

yaar - why the fuck do i have to do word verification?? its so painful and i keep messing up the letters

4:30 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

write about the IBA gig...

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I deny any dildo incident. They were vibrators. There is a big difference.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous ADPfanny said...


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