Thursday, January 18, 2007

We forget our own songs...

I am beginning to get really frustrated at ADP’s lack of real activity this past month. This was clearly evident last weekend when we got together to jam after 3 MONTHS and sucked major ass. Well to be honest, the ass-sucking was restricted mostly to us trying to perform our songs on the album. When we just did improvised jams, they sounded pretty damn awesome. It was good to have OK back to drumming because we sound rather impotent without him.


Hmm, I wonder what an impotent dude sounds like, probably like Shaan in the latest installment of the new Mobilink Indigo ad. Oh for the love of god, why doesn’t he just put on an Indigo condom and bone her already… and what the hell is it with this Indigo fetish?

Everything in that mfcking house is mfcking purple. Yes OK we get, you want brand association with Indigo. But why do they have to shove it up our collective asses everytime we see it on the screen?

This is the most painful courtship I have ever seen since me trying to ask a chick out when I was 15.


Me: How would you like to go out sometime?
Hot Chick: How would you like to suck my balls?

Speaking of Indigo, I am also confused with people who have names for different shades of color. Indigo is mfcking purple. There is dark blue and light blue. There is pink. What the hell is damn "fuchsia" or "auburn" or "magenta". Whenever I hear people refer to these colors, I feel confused. Then I beat them with sticks.


Oh yeah ADP. (Sorry for the foulmouthed vitriol. It is a great way to blow of steam. Plus the word "balls" is inherently funny to me.)

So anyway, we jammed that day and were hopelessly out of touch. It is ironic that we will have to listen to our album to learn how to play our own songs again. We forgot structures, lyrics solos, you name it...

Plus through our lending out of equipment to various people, somebody has misplaced our crash symbol. (If anybody knows who has hit please let me know, it is a Paiste Crash Symbol with a strip of red tape on it. If you return it now, you will get free tickets the next ADP show. If you return it later, you get free tickets to MY BOOT IN YOUR ASS.

The next day Lodhi left for India. Once again we’re incomplete. But at least we’re on the way to getting our mixing done. More on that process later. Till then stay tuned for an update on concerts we are going to do in the last week of Feb. We’ve been out of the scene too long and I promise you, when we come back, we’re going to rock harder than ever. Remember, 2007 is going to our year…


Blogger KM said...

aaaaah, the perfect end to my day is hearing u rant about the indigo campaign.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Ahsan said...

indigo is NOT purple.

look, oba, i dont want to get between you and your rants on the mobilink ads. but if you really think theres no such thing as indigo or magenta, i want you to do the following: take a photograph, scan it, change the settings to "256 colours" instead of "millions of colours" and then see how it comes out. you can thank me for showing you the light some other time.

11:56 AM  

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