Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm back. Like Shady.

First of all a very Happy New Year to all the loyal ADP Diaries readers, I am really sorry I haven’t updated in awhile, just been really busy, and then I got very jaded by a whole bunch of things. The start to the New Year was really slow. Anyway to give you a quick update on what we are doing,

We are pretty much done with the recording sessions, Ashfaq drove us mad by refusing to give us shifts and not showing up on days we had scheduled them. So now we are basically taking our recording tracks and getting them mixed somewhere else, preferably someone who isn’t a big name. Once again, this has pushed back our album release but hopefully we should be able to get our first single out pretty soon.

The band is suffering because we haven’t jammed properly with our full set up since October. So this past week, when an offer came for us to open for Falak at The Basement Café I thought we might as well for a bit of a jam. Plus Lodhi’s buddy Sibtain from the band Zzing (of “Mera Number” fame) was joining us. It was fun jamming with Sibti because he was a fellow Beatles enthusiast and we had a jolly old time jamming along to Let it Be, Norwegian Wood, A Hard Days Night and Hey Jude where I let loose my atrocious keyboard playing skills. When the time came however, the Basement was empty. Apparently the Falak chaps decided to postpone the gig leaving us to once again haplessly perform to an almost bare venue. I really don’t want to perform our originals any more without Omar Khalid. Without drums, I feel we don't do justice to ourselves. Not that we perfomed bad, in fact our open jam with everyone at the basement was great fun. It just felt like we were lacking our oomph.

The saga doesn’t end there. Read on for more fun and verbal abuse.

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