Monday, March 12, 2007

Video makes the ADP star

After a long search and a lot of discussion I wanted to officially confirm that we are making a video for our first release “Sultanat”. The director is an extremely talented guy called Hasan Schabaz. The guy isn’t a big name but he has some impressive credentials and some great ideas. We’re all really impressed with him and if this video goes well, I predict he’ll be the next big thing in the music/video business. We’ve come up with what I think is a killer concept and should be a great introduction to the band.

Things the video won’t be:

a) A boring performance-based video
b) Big Budget – We blew all our money on beer and hookers.
c) Flattering to Yasir.

Anyway we’ve started storyboarding and assembling the team. In fact at some point I might put up a post about needing extras and actors because the shoot promises to be fairly elaborate so we’ll need all the help we can get. Hopefully we should be ready to release just before the summer.



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