Thursday, February 07, 2008


As I look back on my last post, I realize it is quite morbid. I wrote it in a very depressed frame of mind. Last Friday, I threw Lodhi a small farewell at Samme’s Ultralounge so we could jam together one last time for our friends and fans.

At that point, I honestly didn’t know what our direction was going to be. We’ve been seeing less and less of OK, I think ever since he started his new job, he’s been kind of distracted by his other priorities (i.e. having a REAL career). So OK was of the opinion that we shouldn’t continue as Aunty Disco Project anymore since Lodhi was such an integral part of our identity. Yasir on the other hand wants to move ahead with a replacement.

I took some time to think it over. As much as I love Lodhi, I realized that ADP is much bigger than any one band member alone. Maybe without him we won’t be the same ADP, but we could be something different, something as good.

My biggest fear is that our live act won’t be as good. We’ve worked hard at our reputation of being a really exciting and energetic rock band. Lodhi and I had our fair share of problems off the stage but when we were on it, we really had a magical chemistry, where we only had to look at each other to now what the other was going to do. I really am going to miss that.

There were a bunch of rumors circling regarding us breaking up. I was overwhelmed by the fan response, my inbox was flooded with people who were genuinely upset at the prospect of us not continuing. It is an incredible feeling to know that I am part of something much bigger than myself and my own little world, and that the guys and me have created something special, even thought it is small, it belongs to so many people.

That is why I want to make clear that ADP is not breaking up. While ADP will always be Yasir, OK, Imran and myself, the rest of us will continue and we’ll keep playing the shows and making the music.

And thank you all for your love and support.
Here is a picture of my first gig with Lodhi. And here is a picture of our last.


Blogger Atta Khan said...

BUT...(i hate this shitty "BUT"), it wont be the same, it'll be like zeppelin continuing withoout Bonzo and playing it with his son, Jason Bonham (a guud replacement but not as great as the legend himself).
at the end, i have somewhat mixed emotions, but over all i'm very relieved to hear ADP aint finshing it!

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I took that picture..sorry for the blurred-ness :S. Stupid camera was acting retarded. It was a fun gig though :). Aww, I'll miss the old ADP. But at least you guys aren't dying altogether. Thank God!

11:55 AM  
Blogger insiyasyed said...

and i think i took the first gig picture. i also think your first gig was the last i attended. shame on me.

10:54 AM  

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