Monday, March 03, 2008

Who knew that architects could rock?

Man what a great show! we haven't had a show like that in a long time. The crowd was fairly small but energetic, the sound was perfect and for once, we were genuinely enjoying ourselves on stage rather than worrying about expectation.

It was a crazy day, Yasir, Omar and I went to the beach for a friends barbecue, so by the time we got back for the show, we were already exhausted, for sand is not an easy substance to remove from ones butt crack.

Our longtime sound guys Audiolink were already there. Over the last year or so, we're learned to just stick with one sound guy and no on handles us better than Navaid from Audiolink. It was the most painless and relaxed soundcheck we ever did. While were all in a good mood and genuinely pumped up about the show, we could tell that the crowd response might not be that great. Most of the people, the older crowd had just come for the food (which according to Omar Khalid was the best rice he's ever had). Some of the students were actually heard saying "ADP? Who got them? Why ADP". It's easy to get disheartened when you hear something like that, I just told the boys that it was a new opportunity for us to make converts out of them.

We started of with our long time opener "Kiss" and the straight up launched into Sultanat. By now, its become a popular enough song that people start cheering from the moment they hear the opening guitar riff, and let me tell you it always gives me goose bumps. We powered our way through a raucous Sultanat and a growling Shehar Key Aansoo and then I took a break from vocals so that Ali could sing. People remembered his song "Raat Jaagi" and it was great to see them singing along to it. Ali has a new song called "Hum Na Rahey" which is my favourite song these days. He hasn't recorded it yet, but when he does, I guarantee its going to be a hit so look out for it.

After a low key Nazar and a chirpy Likhta Nahin Mein, we unveiled our latest cover, which was a 15 minute tripped out freaky version of "Teardrop" by Massive Attack. This is when we really came together. I don't usually get a chance to pull out wild guitar solos but on this one I really cut loose and the guys felt it too. The crowd really got into it, it was incredible.

We ended with "With a Little Help from My Friends", but we were brought back to do an encore with our old favourite "Sympathy For The Devil" which had them dancing on their feet, bringing a perfect end to a perfect show.

Post show, we met with the crowd, signed some CDs and posed for some pictures, which really is the rewarding bit from doing this, just seeing that you have affected people in a positive way and just sending out a vibe of good energy (yes I know I sound like a hippie). Ali Alam was his usual low key self, and he wandered away to find his wife, I thought that was funny, we actually have a band member who is stable and horror of horrors...married? Sometimes I can't tell if Ali is excited or happy about something but I could see he was loving it on stage, as we traded jokes on the mic.

Thank you all you came, those who didn't, we'll be back on stage faster than you can say Meri Pant Bhi Sexy. Stay tuned.



Blogger ali said...

i just posted here.
and now its gone missing.

what the hell.??!

i said... (in a nutshell and in no particular order)

2)thank you for a great show
3)i had a great time. and contrary to popular belief was happy and excited :)
4)i suggested a meeting of the band over food once the money has arrived :)
5)ADP is one hell of a tight live act! i already knew that but it was fun to be part of it :)
6)whens the next show??:)

2:15 PM  
Blogger Atta Khan said...

ok ok, first of all, ali alam has a big advantage being in a paki rock band and being married, AT LEAST HE's GETTING LAID!!!! :P
second of all, sounds like an awesome show u guys managed to pop out!!!! nice to hear it really worked!!
second of all, who said u have to buy strippers, just pick a few girls up from L'ecole or sumfin and put em on theory it should work!!

4:35 PM  

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